Here the guest can enjoy a full menu of culinary specialties from the region, in creative variations, always prepared fresh and in an appetizing manner, using the best ingredients direct from the producer.

erster Stock Bräuwirt



As with the ground floor, there is also a terrace on the first floor that connects to the rear of the building. This terrace is used as a guest area and is known as the Malztenne or malting floor.


The first floor

The heart of our gastronomy.

The cozy Wirtsstube bar on the first floor overlooking the old city hall
is the BräuWirt’s main restaurant, where the culinary specialties are
prepared partly using spent grains and beer.

The spent grain bread with crackling fat, the Zoigl beer goulash with
fried potato noodles and salad, and the sour marinated Zoigl beer
cheese with onions and bread baked in a wood fired oven taste
especially good with the smooth beer.

Other dishes and small bites are available here.





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