BraukellerAnd if you fancy taking a special gift to friends or acquaintances, you could surprise your nearest and dearest with a freshly tapped Zoigl beer in our 2-litre siphon.

For group excursions, the BräuWirt, with its medieval barrel vault and traditional cozy atmosphere, offers the ideal setting.

Learn all about the art of brewing beer, look over the brewmaster’s shoulder as he works and see how the old tradition of home-brewing is being revived at the BräuWirt.



The brewing cellar

This is where the fresh “Zoigl beer” is brewed.

The heart of the building beats in the brewing cellar, where in two
gleaming copper vessels the special amber nectar is brought to
life: light and dark Zoigl beer, Zoigl wheat beer and the seasonal
festival beer or bock beer. It goes without saying that we brew our
beer according to the Bavarian Purity Law.

The name “Zoigl” simply means “sign” in High German. Home brewers
in the Upper Palatinate would hang a sign on their doors when they had
brewed fresh beer and did not want to drink it alone. Inside the houses,
there would be snacks and foaming beer jugs on the table ready for the
guests who were rarely slow to come knocking.



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